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Portfolio & Partners

Spirit Hosting

For Spirit Hosting we made a promotional PowerPoint presentation for an event in Cannes.
Bianca de Monchy, Account Manager Retail & Event Services: “We are very happy with it!”.

Volkswagen Bedrijfswagens

For Volkswagen company Vehicles we make the PowerPoint presentations and templates for dealer meetings, reports and lectures.


For McDonald’s we make tasty presentations and PowerPoint templates for reports, training and events that we also support live.


For IKEA we provide Powerpoint presentations for large events and openings of new branches. Mark Ogertschnig, Corporate Communications Manager: “Fast service and an unprecedented drive for quality mean that we have experienced the cooperation as extremely pleasant”.


For Texaco we make event presentations, interactive sales presentations, PowerPoint templates and reports in Powerpoint.
R. Lingen, Marketing Coordinator Texaco BNL: “It looks really good! Compliments”.Hans Bruning, marketing manager McDonald’s: “Brilliant slides!”


For SITECH we design international sales presentations.
Maarten J. Janssen, Director Pon SITECH Group: “Looks great from Max, I am impressed”.


With SEAT we create beautiful PowerPoint templates and presentations for account managers, reports and dealer meetings.
B. van Baal, Regional manager for small and medium-sized companies SEAT:
“Compliments! We are very enthusiastic! “.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

For Scandinavian Tobacco Group we make the powerpoint presentations for account managers and product introductions. Margit van Nieuwenburg, Trade Marketing Manager STG: “The first set-up already looks very promising!”.


Powerpoint presentations for events and introductions. Sebastiaan Leemreize, Marketing & Communication Mediamarkt: “Great slides!”.

Heessen Yachts

For Heesen Yachts we made a comprehensive portfolio and introduction presentation. Marc van Heffen, Marketing Director Heessen Yachts: “We want to radiate this!”


For this puff pastry producer from Flanders we make sales presentations for the account managers.


Powerpoint presentations for international events, lectures and reports. Debbie de Wagenaar, Global Director Communications FrieslandCampina: “The personal and flexible approach makes working with Max very pleasant and always with a strong result!”.


For the Dutch product introduction we made an automatically playing and animated highimpact PowerPoint presentation. Paul Hillhorst, Customer Group Manager: “It makes me very

Mojo Concerts

For Mojo Concerts we make the powerpoint presentations for Monster Jam, Cirque Du Soleil, Night of the Proms and other events.
K. Enthoven, Account Manager Sponsoring: “Strong!”


We make introduction and product presentations for Broncos. Margit van Nieuwenburg, Trade Marketing Manager STG: “As always, it looks fantastic again!”.


For Audi we design Powerpoint presentations for events, lectures and reports. Gerard Jansen, Managing Director Audi Netherlands: “Class slides, this leaves nothing to be desired”.


For Arla we provide the Powerpoint presentations for events and product introductions: “J.Thijsse, Brand Manager Arla: ‘Everyone was very impressed by the professionalism of the presentation last Thursday’.

Accor Hotels

Accor uses our presentations as an interactive and multifunctional communication tool. Marscha van Staveren, Project Manager Human Resources: “Everyone is very enthusiastic”.

Monster jam

One of the recruitment presentations that we make in collaboration with Mojo Concerts: K.Enthoven, Account Manager Sponsoring: “That really splatters!”


For Melkunie we make the Powerpoint presentations and Powerpoint templates for all product introductions and important events.
J. Tobacco. Brand Manager Melkunie: “Top work, really good!”


For Braun we provide user-friendly and multifunctional interactive sales presentations for the Ipad.


For CSU we design their sales presentations. Diane van Dijk, Director Hospitality & National Accounts: “It all looks equally beautiful”.


For large international events we design their PowerPoint presentations with a different theme each time.
Christian Hentschel, Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa: “Great work Max! I love it! “


For ŠKODA we provide powerpoint presentations for account managers, dealer meetings, events and reports.
P. v.d. Count, Manager Marketing: “Grandiose! One image says more than 1,000 words. The message is very clear.